Global import and export

Global Import and Export Customs Broker Services

CICSA LOGISTICS will act as your customs broker for the importation and exportation of goods. Furthermore, we will provide necessary import licenses for the country of the final destination of your goods.

Whatever your need may be, our team of professionals will provide a solution to your customs procedures.

Advice on the correct procedure to be followed for Customs at the destination will be provided prior to shipping, taking into consideration the type of goods. You will thus be informed of any special permit which may be required from governmental branches in the fields of Health, Medicine, Agriculture, Fishing, Natural Resources, etc. You will also be made aware of import duties at each destination.

In addition, CICSA LOGISTICS will also assist you with the following customs procedures:

• Advice regarding Foreign Trade.
• Permanent and Temporary Imports.
• Permanent and Temporary Exports.
• Assistance with and preparation of import/export procedures relating to any current customs regime, with regards to any kind of goods sent from anywhere in the world.
• Physical examination of goods at Customs.
• Classification of customs and excise duties, and calculation of taxes on goods for import or export.
• Inspection services at the border.
• Cross border transportation.
• Advice on regulations regarding labelling, sanitation, quality, etc.

Global import
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