Frequently Asked Questions

1. - Which countries can CICSA LOGISTICS ship my merchandise to?

The Caribbean
Aruba, The Bahamas, Cuba, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, etc.), Saint Martin.

North and Central America
The USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala

South America
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The United Kingdom

Asia /Australia
Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand

The Middle East:
Dubai, Qatar

2. - How far in advance do I need to send my merchandise to CICSA LOGISTICS in order for it to arrive in time for the event?

This mainly depends on the kind or means of transportation required (via SEA, AIR or GROUND), as well as the final destination of the merchandise. However, if your merchandise is received in our warehouses 15 - 21 days in advance, we consider this to be enough time for it to be shipped correctly and to guarantee that it is delivered on the requested date.

3. - Do I need to send my merchandise to your warehouses or can you pick it up at my office?

CICSA LOGISTICS can coordinate the pickup of your merchandise directly at your offices, anywhere in the world, as necessary. However, if you prefer to send it to our warehouses, we will be only too happy to receive it there instead.

4. - Do I have to send my merchandise straight from my office, or can my suppliers send my merchandise directly to you?

It is by no means necessary for you to send all of your merchandise; we can indeed receive merchandise directly from each of your suppliers, regardless of how many you have… We have worked with customers with 5 suppliers or more, all providing different kinds of merchandise such as printed material, towels, pens, t-shirts, audio-visual equipment, etc. The only thing we require is the tracking numbers of all merchandise, in order to separate and consolidate all the boxes in one place on arrival at our warehouse.

5. - How is the shipping cost of the merchandise calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated in two ways:
A) Freight costs. - This is determined by the total number of boxes, their dimensions and weight. It also varies depending on the kind of transportation to be used (via SEA, AIR or GROUND), as well as the final destination of the merchandise.
B) Import costs.- This is calculated by taking into consideration the CIF value of the merchandise (merchandise cost + freight cost + insurance cost) and the import taxes established by the destination country; any special import permits required for the merchandise, storage costs and customs handling, import licenses, etc.

6.- Can I take gifts and merchandise for the event in my luggage?

This is not recommended, as every country has different customs regulations; several customers of ours have had unpleasant experiences where their merchandise was held in customs on arrival in the destination, forcing them to hire a customs agent to get it released. It is important to mention that, if there are no further setbacks, or if the merchandise does not require special import permits, the release process takes 3 to 4 days; therefore, in most cases you would run the risk of such merchandise being delivered after the event has already started, or in a worst-case scenario, not being delivered until the event has finished…

7.- Why is it better to use CICSA LOGISTICS than a courier company?

Unlike a courier company, the service provided by CICSA LOGISTICS is 100% personalized. You will be assigned an account executive who will assist you throughout the entire shipping process until such time as the delivery of your merchandise has been confirmed, as per the agreed place and date. CICSA LOGISTICS consults with customers before shipping their merchandise, informing and notifying them, in advance, of the kind of merchandise which may or may not be sent to the destination, as well as the import requirements according to customs regulations in each destination. Furthermore, CICSA LOGISTICS has import licenses within the destinations and is able to therefore take care of the ENTIRE import process, thus guaranteeing that all of our customers’ merchandise arrives correctly and in time for the start of their events.

8. - Can I send any kind of merchandise I want, if I send them with a courier company?

It is important to acknowledge that while courier companies are able to send mail and packages very quickly to different parts of the world, we should not lose sight of the fact that their main function is to deliver mail and packages which contain products or articles in small quantities, and of low customs value. Within most destinations, such companies find themselves limited when it comes to releasing shipments exceeding a specific commercial value, products requiring some kind of special import license, or those which need to be inspected by a local governmental agency; as may be the case with sunblock, repellents, wooden articles such as frames; awards, candy, foodstuff, beverages, etc.…

The main obstacle is that the receiving office is unaware of this information, and while they may receive the merchandise and send it to the destination, it is likely to be held at customs once it arrives in the final destination, unable to be released. If this happens, the courier will advise you of the reason for the delay at customs, and will then request that you contact a local customs agent to complete the release process, as they will be unable to do so themselves.

9.- What documentation or information do I need to provide to CICSA LOGISTICS for customs clearance purposes?

Once you have contacted CICSA LOGISTICS, your account executive will ask you for all the documentation required for your merchandise to be shipped and imported in the destination. You will be asked to fill out a document requesting important information such as the destination and date on which you need to receive your merchandise, your company details, delivery details at the destination; name, date and duration of the event, description, amount and value of the merchandise being sent, etc.

10.- How long does the customs clearance process take?

This can vary depending on the country, the size of the shipment, whether or not the merchandise requires special permits or inspections by any government agency or ministry; the customs clearance location (airport, customs at a land border, port), and the variety of articles being sent, etc. However, we estimate the average time taken to be between 4 and 7 working days once the shipment has arrived in the destination.

11. - Can I send personal items?

Articles such as second-hand clothing, medication for personal use, sports equipment, musical instruments, and any other personal item must travel as part of your luggage and not as cargo. Customs in several countries prohibit the importation of cargo containing the aforementioned personal items.

12. - What kind of merchandise cannot be imported?

Personal items, second-hand clothing, first-aid kits, medication, live plants and animals, matches, lighters, sparklers, fireworks; insecticides, seashells, starfish and conches, firearms and ammunition, drugs and narcotics, pornography, etc.

13.- What kinds of merchandise require special permits to be imported?

Toys, wine and liquor, foodstuff, brand-named clothing, footwear, electronics, medical equipment, wooden articles; articles made of natural fibers, sunblock, mosquito repellent.

14.- What happens if I have material which I need returned once the event has finished?

Simply notify your assigned account executive at any time and he will take care of coordinating the pickup and return of your merchandise, right up to the moment it is delivered back to your office, warehouse; or to any other event or destination you may need to send it to.

15. - How long does it take for merchandise to be returned once it has been picked up at the end of the event?

Returning merchandise can vary from country to country, also depending on the size of the shipment and the customs clearance location (airport, customs at a land border, port). However, we estimate the average time taken to be between 10 and 15 working days once we have picked up the shipment.

16.- Can CICSA LOGISTICS help me if I have a package held up at Customs?

We certainly can. Please contact us at or by phone, on (954) 651 94 91 or (619) 573 44 91 (USA). We would be only too happy to assist you with getting your goods released as soon as possible.

17.- If I do not use CICSA LOGISTICS to import my merchandise, can you still help me to return it?

We certainly can. We just need to know how many boxes are to be shipped back, the pick-up location, and the date on which they are to be collected; the content of the boxes, and full details of the contact and address for the final delivery. CICSA LOGISTICS will take care of the entire return process until such time as the merchandise has been received at the specified location.

18. - Can I bring merchandise back in my luggage when it is marked as a temporary import on my invoice?

NO, you must not! It is essential to highlight that CICSA LOGISTICS must physically present ALL temporarily imported merchandise before customs, as we are obligated to show that this merchandise is being returned. It is important to remember that this kind of import is tax exempt given that the entry of such merchandise is only authorized for a period of one year, the condition being that all merchandise is presented before customs when it is being exported, to conclude the temporary import licensing period with no irregularities. If merchandise is not presented to customs authorities on its return, a fine will be imposed, where the total will be determined by calculating the omitted taxes and the value of the unpresented merchandise.

19. - Can I return surplus merchandise in my luggage?

This is only possible if it is merchandise which has not been imported on a temporary basis with an obligation to be returned. Everything else, such as gifts, promotional material, printed material, etc., can return in your luggage.

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